A hospital wristband isn’t just for patient identification, nor are they only intended for wrists! Wristbands provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that can be implemented as tags, labels, and markers to communicate vital information in a medical setting. This is especially helpful when the hospital wristband codes and hospital wristband color meanings align and coincide with a facility’s existing standards. But, hospital bands don’t have to feature specific customer information in order to be effective. We see our solid-colored wristbands used prevalently for patient screening, displaying positive/negative test results, discerning levels of condition severity, and more. For instance, while a red wristband at the hospital is often used to distinguish an allergy, it can also be used to define other variables you wish to classify (i.e. denote the day of the week a customer came to get tested, show that a surface has been disinfected, etc.).